Dedication and Commitment to our Community

I had started volunteering with the Braham Jaycee’s, Braham Area Committee for Kids, and Braham Dollars for Scholars.  In 2002, I volunteered with Isanti County Safety Rescue and the Boat and Water Patrol.

A member of the Cambridge Lutheran Church since 2006 I became a teacher in youth ministry for preschool and kindergarteners. Today, I sing with the band in the Horizon services at Cambridge Lutheran Church and St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in East Bethel.

In 2006 I was elected to the Braham Parks Board and ran for city council, being elected in 2008 and served two terms. While serving the citizens of Braham, I was responsible for establishing and revisiting city policy, budgeting and truth in taxation, grant applications, and city planning. I was responsible for overseeing the Braham Chamber of Commerce and was a representative of the Economic Authority Development. In 2015 I was Braham’s representative for ICICLE (Initiative on Collaboration, Leadership and Efficiency, and the Northern Technology Initiative). I served as the representative while the NLX high speed railway was in discussion as well as the EDA (Economic Development Authority) and North Highway 65 Coalition.

My idea of a multi-jurisdictional drug task force in 2010 came to fruition.  Its success has resulted in many arrests and convictions of drug crimes including federal indictments of numerous individuals in Isanti County! This was the first time the US Attorney’s Office took an Isanti County drug investigation federally. Two of these individuals were from Bradford Township, one of our busiest and second most populated townships, and the other was from Spencer Brook Township. An investigation into the heroin/fentanyl overdose death of two individuals in Wyanett Township led to the discovery of two men acting as middle men supplying heroin to Isanti County and the Federal determination of prosecution of the identified heroin source. 

In 2011, I had brought forth the idea of a drug take back program in Isanti County allowing unused prescription medications to be disposed of along with any illicit drugs, no questions asked. To date, we have incinerated more than one metric ton of weight through the program. These are drugs in Isanti County that, with your help, we’ve taken off the streets! Today the program is implemented in departments across the state of Minnesota!

In 2014 I had reestablished the Braham Cub Scouts, which had been inactive for many years. I remain the Cub Master for Pack 230 and am the Den Leader for Tiger and Wolf scouts.

I have been active with the Grandy Lions since 2015 where I’ve held a number of positions including Vice President and am currently the elected President.

I’ve volunteered time since 2016 at St. Clare Living Community in Mora and have most recently been accepted as a volunteer at GracePointe Crossing in Cambridge. Additionally, I had been involved in the Matthew 25 Produce Distribution as we give food to those in need from the Isanti Middle School.

In 2017 and 2018 I volunteered time to the Braham Anti-Drug Coalition and Isanti County Anti-Drug and Substance Abuse Coalition and presented the idea of sheriff’s deputies carrying Narcan to aid in saving lives of individuals in an opioid overdose and to protect officers from exposure. With this implementation, we have documented a number of lives saved!

I have been part of the Isanti County Agricultural Society since 2017 and was elected to the Isanti County Fair Board as a Director in 2019. I currently hold a director position. As a current director on the Isanti County Fair Board and member of the Agricultural Society, I assist in Senior Day, Kids Day, and am responsible for music and entertainment for the fair. I also sit on the grant writing committee and assist in drafting the contracts for organizations such as the Frankensteiners Car Show, the Cambridge Kennel Club, and the Kansas City Barbeque Competition, to name a few.

The Triad Program idea, which I publicly endorsed in 2018, and senior citizen programs have since been adopted. 

I am part of the Pheasants Forever program in Isanti County and the Snake River Chapter of Minnesota Deer Hunters Association. I am also a member of Drift Dusters Snowmobile Club and an avid outdoorsman enjoying hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor recreation. 

I remain certified in the Project Life Saver program for those with Alzheimer’s and Autism.

Conceal and Carry Permits currently cost $100.00 by the current administration of the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office. I oppose this unreasonable cost and vow to cut that cost in half if elected! 

The Sheriff’s position would utilize my leader/director, budgeting, grant writing, and organizational experiences and skills.