Vision for Isanti County


Working undercover narcotics I have seen many people arrested on possession of controlled substance. These individuals are all too often sent to jail as a temporary spin dry forcing sobriety. They leave the jail with nowhere to go but back to what they know and where they are often arrested again. I’ve learned that what we’re doing isn’t working. Simply put, treatment isn’t successful for many people primarily because there is a mental health component to addiction that can’t be addressed in jail. I have researched other counties and found that there is success in drug courts.

Wayne Seiberlich - Candidate for Isanti County Sheriff

I believe in progressive long-term thinking for our community. I support the idea of an intensified supervised release of individuals with possession charges where probation keeps a constant monitor, where probation and law enforcement can randomly test individuals in the program to assure sobriety, where these individuals are treated for addition and received the mental health component of that treatment, where they are assisted in finding and holding jobs, and where they must participate in community oriented events and education of youth. This program does not apply to anyone dealing drugs.

What are the benefits? On average a person undergoes treatment multiple times before, and if ever, successful. These are all too often the ones committing burglaries and thefts to do what they can to support their habits. If a drug diversion program through drug courts can help in achieving sobriety and reducing recidivism rates, then I believe drug use in the county will be less as will burglaries and thefts. By helping them, we help ourselves.


I have faith and love for the children in our community. I believe that education is essential as our children face new drugs and new trends. A quote I once heard and fully believe in is that by building strong children we will stop fixing broken adults! Added police in our schools also protects our children further in this time where school violence is all too prevalent. I want the sheriff’s office to be active in youth programs as we had been in the past. I want community events between law enforcement and the public where deputies, jailer, and dispatch are introduced to the public. Meet the men and women working each day for you. As sheriff, I want these people recognized. I don’t need to be center stage or in each weeks newspaper. As sheriff I am only as good as the others I work with. I want to show the community that all of us work for you.

Senior Citizens

Community awareness for our elderly who are targeted victims of scams and frauds is essential to their protection! This too is an outstanding opportunity for the Sheriff’s Office to be proactive in community involvement.

Proactive Policing

Isanti County will have proactive policing again. Period. If there is a suspected drug house with reports of traffic in and out, expect to see us at that neighborhood. If you sell drugs in our county which results in the overdose and death of that person, expect to be charged with homicide. If a rash of thefts or burglaries are occurring, expect that we will be working covert and tactical operations to find and apprehend the individuals responsible. If your crimes victimize our citizens or exploit our senior citizens, if your actions harm our children, we will pursue you. We have the ability to accomplish successful investigations leading to the prosecution of these type of offenses. As your sheriff, we’ll also have the drive to get it done! I know these are bold statements, but I believe it’s time to get back to doing the right things for the right reasons. I understand there are politics, but if elected you’re also electing a working sheriff.

Community Advisory Board

I would like to implement a Community Advisory Board. A Community Advisory Board is a group of diverse citizens from different areas of the County that creates community involvement and understanding in law enforcement and Public Safety. 

Community Advisory Boards are designed to allow a direct conversation between the Sheriff’s Department and the citizens of the county, promoting more transparency and thereby trust in local law enforcement.

Therapy Dogs

Law Enforcement Therapy Dogs would be a part of my enhanced mental health program for officers, first responders and victims of crime and children’s trauma.

Therapy dogs are used in law enforcement agencies across the United States with great success in many different ways: from calming the daily stress of officers, first responders, to helping children/people of trauma or abuse. These therapy dogs have become a powerful tool in today’s mental health programs.  This could be an enhancement available to our entire county – or in a response for mutual aid from other counties.

There are over 50,000 therapy dogs in use today across the country.  There are hundreds of law enforcement agencies using therapy dogs with positive results.  The results are so positive, the law enforcement agencies are expanding their therapy dog programs, and many more agencies are starting therapy dog programs now.

As your candidate for Isanti County Sheriff, I believe it’s time for Isanti County Sheriff’s department to create a law enforcement therapy dog program to be implemented to benefit all the citizens of Isanti County.

Please watch the video links I have included. They explain the great benefits of a therapy dog program in great detail.  See for yourself what can be done to help people in times of stress and great need. It’s worth your time to watch!

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